These divine shabads can cure any incurable disease, if the patient could listen to them regularly with full concentration. Thousands of people have already tried & tested them all over the world. God's Name is the ultimate cure for any incurable disease in this world & these Shabads are the prayers in their purest form. The right technique is to hear them with faith & concentration. Any one can try them any time. One can also listen to the experiences of those in this CD, who were told by doctors that there was no cure for their disease but all of them are living healthy life just by listening & chanting these very shabads for the last 15 to 20 years. For the convinience of the listners, we have recorded the meanings of each shabad during the musical interludes to make them understand better. So, in this CD, there are two versions of the Shabads, one with meanings & another with out meanings, to have a choice as per one's own requirements. A detailed explaination is also given in this CD in the voice of Mangal Singh Dhillon, which can help any one to understand the facts about this unique medicine of God's Name & it's divine ways to cure.

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