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As you must be aware that our total Sikh population is around 2% of the entire population of India and we all are scattered all over the world. It is extremely important today for the minority communities to be connected and united if they want their voice to be heard. We all know what kind of injustice and treatment we have received in the past on various levels from so many quarters and the main reason behind it was lack of unity amongst us. The historical fact is that those who forget their past are condemned to repeat it. Keeping in view the past and present scenario, it is our humble effort to collect the contacts of maximum Sikhs/Punjabis from all over the world to provide them important information or share their opinion about any major Sikh issue, to make sure that our voice is heard. Other wise, these contacts can be useful to keep you informed about our future film projects based on the Sikh history and their screenings in your country/city and it will enable us to invite you for any special film screening/programme well in advance, to make it more convenient for you to be a part of it. If you agree with our proposal of collecting the Sikh/Punjabi contacts for our Sikh-Contacts for the purpose mentioned above then kindly fill in the required details below and click on submit after it is duly filled. Thank you very much for your support, time and sensitivity. We will be in touch with you as promised.

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