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We would be delighted to have you with us, as one of our Promoters or Contributors, as per your choice, to project our unique religious history in front of the entire world, in the right perspective, through the medium of cinema and television. But, we would like to request you, to spare a few moments and go through the following observations and realization of ours, before reaching any conclusion.

 A father of a Catholic Church wrote about the Sikhs after reading the entire Sikh history that, “All the Sikhs will go to hell, for not projecting their blood soaked unparallel unique history, in front of the entire world”. He further wrote, “We had just one Jesus Christ and we have spread Christianity all over the world, but the Sikh history is full of great martyrs and yet hardly any body knows about it.” It is ironical, sad, tragic, unforgivable and shameful for all of us!!!   This particular realization shook me up so badly, that I put aside my film acting carrier of about 20 years and started this Seva of making a couple of films about the actual Sikh history, in 1996.

 As a well informed and educated Sikh, you must be knowing that today we the Sikhs and Hindus exist due to the great sacrifices of the Guru Sahiban and great Sikh martyrs, who selflessly laid down their lives, to protect the self respect of humanity and for the principals of Sikhism! But what did we do for them? They created history with their flesh and blood, but we could not even properly preserve or rightly project it, in front of the world. Who is responsible for it? Our religious or political leaders? May be, but let us not get in to the same age-old argument. The question is, are we willing to do some thing about it on our own or we will just keep discussing, arguing and blaming each other, for our own misdeeds and incapability? They sacrificed every thing of theirs selflessly for us, to give us our present existence and it is high time, that we do some thing in return. The ironical fact is, that today, we do not have to sacrifice every thing of ours for them, the way they did for us, but we need to contribute a little financially, to bring out our untold unique history, in front of the whole world, to get our martyrs, the respect and honor they deserve. At least, we can pay them a humble tribute by projecting their unmatchable sacrifices, through the medium of cinema, in front of the entire world, in the right perspective. If our martyrs would have surrendered in front of the tyrant rulers to save their own lives, by being selfish and self centered like most of us, then we would not have existed today. Let us not forget the fact that we owe our existence to them.

The biggest tragedy of our Qaum is, that our population is too small and on top of that, most of us are divided and scattered all over the world, besides being envious of each other. Let us rise above all such complexes individually and try to do some thing for our heritage, on our own, with out any further expectation from our leaders, because enough of damage to our identity has already been done. Remember, no one from the out side will come to do the needful for us, if we cannot do it for our selves. This very thought has prompted us, to take up this cause, since we can not keep on discussing endlessly and expecting some one else, to do some thing about our history, but why not us? Why do we want some one else to do it for us? Let us do it ourselves now. So, join us, please, we need you and your support to accomplish this distant dream.

If you are one of those Sikhs/Individuals, who genuinely want to do some thing in this regard, but due to lack of time, initiative or organizational backing, could not do any thing for the same till date, then we invite you to join us by becoming an important part of a historical movement, through cinematic means, to project and preserve the entire Sikh history. It can be a matter of great pride and self-satisfaction, to be of some use, in the process of preserving and projecting, ones own historical heritage, if one genuinely cares for it. As a promoter of Sikh heritage, your name can get associated with our unique history in a way, by being instrumental in it’s projection, which can be above all the worldly achievements for the realized ones and if we look at it minutely, even the richest ones can not ever imagine to get their names associated with our glorious history, in any way or form, just because of their great wealth.

If we look at it from practical returns and benefit's point of view, then we can say, that the names of all our promoters will be appearing in the main titles of every historical film of ours, which will go all over the world, in almost each and every Sikh house hold in the form of DVDs and VCDs, to be viewed for decades by millions of people and every time their names will be remembered with respect. At the same time, when we will screen our films all over the world, in various Gurudwaras and auditoriums, their names will appear first on screen, in the beginning of every special show of ours. Their names will also figure prominently in the list of our promoters on our website along with their photographs, to be viewed by millions, all over the world. They will be presented a set of DVDs of every historical/religious film made by us in the future. Their names will continue to appear in the main titles of all our films to be made in the future and they will never be removed from our web site as long as the world and we exist. We feel, that the way today, every Sikh gets the credit of being brave, due to the great sacrifices of our martyrs, in the same way, if our entire history is projected properly, then every Sikh along with you will get more respect and honor and not only us, for making the films.

Here is a chance to become a part of a historical mission, to pay a humble tribute to our Guru Sahibaan, great Sikh martyrs and our unique heritage. You do not have to spare time or face any kind of organizational problems; we will be doing all that for you, as long as you agree to join us, by making a project wise nominal contribution, as per your free wish and convenience. If for any reason, you feel hesitent, to contribute at this stage, then you can even buy the DVDs of our historical films in bulk and distribute them as per your wish or even help us in organizing the special shows of our films in your area, to support our cause. If still you have any kind of reservation, then kindly try to suggest us, how can you help us? If at any stage you are dissatisfied with the results of your contribution, you can withdraw any time. We are trying to find around 150 to 200 like minded committed Sikhs, from all over the world, who could join us, as our promoters by contributing as per their choice. The final result of their contributions will go in to the history of Punjab, which will be remembered and treasured for ever by our coming generations, since no one else seems to be doing it, through cinema, on such a professional level. You can have a look at our present promoters and to be honest, it is like being the chosen and blessed ones, to be associated with this mission, in any way or form.

Our film production house ‘Sikh Films International’, has started making historical films based on the actual Sikh history and religion on a regular basis. Kindly visit the current schedule and future plans on this very site, if you wish to know more about our current and future film projects. We have plans to make films almost on each and every aspect of Sikh religious history in the coming years, with the contributions and support from our own promoters, on a regular basis, because Sikh history can not be fictionalized or commercialized for generating big profits like usual commercial films. That is why no Punjabi or any one else from the Bombay film industry is coming forward, to do any kind of film projects based on our actual history. If you believe in what ever we have mentioned above, then kindly fill in your details, as per the following form, to express your willingness to join us and we will get back to you at the earliest, to discuss further, according to your convenience. Kindly feel free to contact us any time at if you have any suggestions or enquiries about the same. Hope to have you with us soon, as one of our promoters of Sikh Religious History. Thanking you.

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