Viewers Comments about the film KHALSA

Gurughar in Renton
Gurughar in Renton, Seattle, U.S.A.

  "You have done such a unusual and magnificent work, which the S.G.P.C should have done. The truth is that Sikhs can create history but cannot preserve or project it."
Giani Dharam Singh, Bhankhar Pur, Distt. Patiala.
"Every one is delighted to see your film Khalsa and all of them are praising your work to the skies, which is fully justified"
S. Harjit Singh Haveli, Gen. Sec. Gurudwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Ropar.

Sangat watching Khalsa film
Sangat watching Khalsa film

Gurughar in Secramento-Bradshaw
Gurughar in Sacramento, U.S.A.

  "You have done a wonderful job by making this film, which is a historical Sewa, Shabaash"
Prof. SJS Itten, 1415 Sec. 34, Chd. 
"I fail to find proper words of appreciation and encouragement for your gigantic effort to bring out the cause of Khalsa in front of the whole world. I feel very proud of you that with your Dedication, Skill and Tireless efforts you have achieved what no body could achieve, so far."
Sqn. Ldr. S.S. Walia, 157, Phase-2 S.A.S Nagar, Mohali. Pb.

Sangat watching Khalsa film
Sangat watching Khalsa film

Gurughar in Sectramento
Gurughar in Sactramento-West, USA.

  "The film Khalsa is Unusual, Very Special and Unmatchable contribution of yours towards projecting our great history"
S. Surinder Singh, Principal, Sikh Missionary College, Anandpur Sahib.

"I do not have proper words to congratulate you for your great historical contribution"
S. Pritam Singh, Khalsa Collage, Amritsar Sahib.

"Beautiful efforts, Meaningful approach, professional filming and extreme hard work have culminated in the form of film Khalsa"
Sh. Suresh Hans, 2526, Guru Hargovind Singh Nagar, Bathinda.Ph: 0164-222214

"This is the first film, which is made as per our Dreams"
S. Ranjit Singh, S.C.F. 200, Sec. 7-C, Chd. 


Sangat watching Khalsa film
Sangat watching Khalsa film

Gurudwara in Bangkok
Gurudwara Sahib in Bangkok-Thailand

  "It is a great mission to project our great religious history through a film and taking it to every village and house. God Bless you."
S. Satnam Singh Khalsa, Advocate, Gurmat Literature Prachar Kender, Chheharta Road, Amritsar Sahib. 

"I have read history but after seeing it on screen, I under stood so many new things, which I had missed. Our Sikh Community is indebted to you."
S. Paramjit Singh Maadi, Sardar Cloth House, Bagha Purana, Moga.

"Just Fantastic, True, and Amazing portrayal of History"
Ms. Gurpreet K. Rai, Evington, Leicester, U.K. 

"Excellent Sikh Historical film with lots of accurate details."
S. G.S. Virdee, Hylion Road, West Knighton, Leicester, LE2 6JE U.K. 


Sangat watching Khalsa film
Sangat watching Khalsa film

Gurudwara in Liecester
Gurudwara Sahib in Leicester, UK

  "A brilliant insight in to the history of the Khalsa. A very true and Heart felt portrayal, especially interesting for the youngsters. As a student I found it a fantastic way to learn about my the history and my Origin."
Ravinder Kaur Rai, Highway Road, Evington, Leicester, UK
"Waheguru has blessed you with tremendous courage and conviction to project the Sikh history through an incomparable film like Khalsa. I was moved to tears and got goose pimples during all the touching sequences."
Bibi Mohinder Kaur Bhamra, Park Avenue, South Hall, Middx, UBI 3AJ U.K. 

Sangat watching Khalsa film
Sangat watching Khalsa film

Gurudwara in Mission
Gurudwara Sahib in Mission, Canada

  "A very Powerful and Moving film. Opened my eyes to a lot of issues about my identity and culture."
Bibi Sukhjit Kaur, Lubresthorpe Road, Leicester, U.K. 

"The film is excellent, No words to describe it."
Bibi Daya Kaur Maan, Tennyson Road, Hounslow, U.K. 

"Our Ardas has been accepted by Waheguru. We have been praying to him that he should send some one, who could shake up our dying community by projecting our great history in front of the entire world. We are indebted to you. We do not have words to thank you."
Bibi Amarpal Kaur & friends, Churchil Ave. Foleshill, Coventry, CV6 5JG U.K.

Sangat watching Khalsa film
Sangat watching Khalsa film

Gurudwara in Fremont
Gurudwara Sahib in Fremont, USA.

  "It was a very good film, I enjoyed it and learnt a lot."
S. Gopal Singh Nahal, Hasely Road, Handsworth, Birmingham B21 0QU 
"I was very impressed and very touched. Although I had read about the Sikh history but the visual effects you have portrayed have an ever lasting impact on an individual."
S. Harjinder Singh Hunjan, Carlton Ave. Hayes, Middlesex, UB3 4AE London, U.K. 

Sangat watching Khalsa film
Sangat watching Khalsa film

Gurughar in Winnipeg
Gurughar in Winnipeg, Canada

  "My Ardas has been accepted. This is what I used to pray to the Waheguru to send some one, who could project the life story of Guru Sahib in front of the entire world and he has answered my prayers by sending you."
-- Bibi Balbir Kaur, Nicklus Rd, Leicester, LE4 7RT U.K.
"First time I have seen such a film based on the actual Sikh history, which is an example in it self. It is a priceless gift for our younger generations."
Bibi Charanjit Kaur Manku, West End Road, South Ruislip Middx. U.K. 

Sangat watching Khalsa film
Sangat watching Khalsa film

Gurudwara in Calgary
Gurudwara Sahib in Calgary, Canada

  "It is a commendable task, which has been executed with great conviction."
S. Ravinder Singh Kundera,     Claytom Rd, Coventry, CV6 1FE U.K. 

"Very Nice, Very Touching and Very educating."
Mrs. Prabhjot Kaur Chadda, Holiday Sq. South Hall, UB2 4LG U.K. 

"It has been a long time since I cried watching a film. I will thank God forever for the vision he gave you."
Mr. Harjinder Singh, Harrison Road, Leicester LE4 6NP 

Sangat watching Khalsa film
Sangat watching Khalsa film

Gurudwara in Lankershim
Gurudwara Sahib in Lankershim, L.A.,

  "What ever you are doing for the community is amazing. I enjoyed your film very much."
S. Amrik Singh Bal, Grafton Road, Hands Worth, Birmingham, B21 8PL 
"Hearty Congratulations for being the first person to produce the Sikh history in its truthfulness. This is an exemplary devotion to the Sikh history, which has never been depicted like this before."
S. Kultar Singh Bhuller, Manor Links, Bishops Stotford Herts, CM23 5RA U.K.

Sangat watching Khalsa film
Sangat watching Khalsa film

Gurudwara in London
Gurudwara Sahib in London

  "A real Valliant, Commendable Successful effort. Very informative film about the history of the Sikhs."
S. Surinder Singh Jagdev, Bourne Ave. Hayes, London, U.K. 

"Extremely moving and touching film. It should be shown to the university and college students."
Miss. Kuljit Kaur Johal, Lythhalls Lane, Herbrooks, Coventry, CV6 6FS U.K. 


Sangat watching Khalsa film
Sangat watching Khalsa film

Gurughar in Stockton
Gurughar in Stockton, USA.

  "A great and commendable step. We of the younger generation always felt the need of such a step. A direction is needed for us, which your film provides. I got a Mission for My Life."
S. Bharpur Singh, Berwick Ave. Hayes, Middlesex, UB4 0NG London. 
"The best film I have ever seen based on the Sikh religion. God Bless you."
M.S. Gill, Derley Road, South Hall, Middx. UB2 5EN London U.K. 

"In one word Fantastic."
S. Swaran Singh Gupta, Spring Grove Road, Hounslow, TW3 4BJ London, U.K. 


Sangat watching Khalsa film
Sangat watching Khalsa film

Gurudwara in Montreal
Gurudwara Sahib in Montreal, Canada

  "Excellent film, Gives every Sikh a sense of greatness about their faith and religion."
S. Gurcharan Singh, Avenue Road, South Hall, Middx. UB1 3BW, U.K. 
"I hope this is the beginning of a bright future for all the Sikhs and the Sikhism."
S. Sarabjit Singh Dev, Springwell road, Heston, Middx. London U.K. 

Sangat watching Khalsa film
Sangat watching Khalsa film

"Very well documented, excellent research, excellent presentation."
S. Parminder Singh Sahota, Eldon Ave. Heston, Hounslow TW5 0LX London.

Gurudwara in Shaffredbush
Gurudwara Sahib in Shaffredbush, UK

  "I felt the film Khalsa was the best film I have ever watched based on Religion."
S. Hardev K. Chana, Argyll Ave. South Hall, Middx. London.

"What ever praises we may try to shower for your historical work, still it would not be befitting for your efforts. Hopefully this film will bring more respect, honor, pride and recognition to all the Sikhs, while glorifying our religious history."
Parminder Singh Bains,  Butlermere Drive, Brampton L6Y 4S1 Canada 

"Mr. Dhillon, It is with great shame that I was amongst those children, who were ignorant of their religion and language. Today not being able to write or read Punjabi is something that I regret. Before I die, I want to learn it completely. What a shame knowing that in spite of all the sufferings and injustices, some of us have turned our backs on our own Gurus, our religion, our people and our language, which you had mentioned in your beautiful introduction prior to the show. Hopefully these sacrifices shown through your film will remain embedded in our memories and influence the way we Sikh children live and view ourselves."
Bibi Harminder Kaur Bhamra, Guildwood Way, Mississauga, Ont. L5R 2A9 Canada

Sangat watching Khalsa film
Sangat watching Khalsa film

Gurudwara in Vermount
Gurudwara Sahib in Vermont, L.A.USA

  "I found your film exceptionally magnificent. I am a Canadian born child. Your film was very informative and all the students should watch it and enlighten them selves about the Khalsa history."
S. Jaspreet Dhaliwal, Laurentian Ave. Mississauga, Ont. L 4Z 2K5 

"Combinations of real pictures with the portraits are excellent. Every thing he has tried to depict is justified."
S. Ranjit Singh, Annabelle Drive, Etobicoke Ont. M9V 3B6 Canada. 

"This exemplary historical film touches the deepest core of one's heart. It is a priceless gift to our community. People like us will be able to live on with the ever lasting impression of your film."
Bibi Jagjit Kaur, Annabelle Dr. Etobicoke Ont. M9V 3B6 Canada. 

Sangat watching Khalsa film
Sangat watching Khalsa film

Gurudwara in Sobrente
Gurudwara Sahib in El-sobrente, USA

  "I belong to a Hindu family, still, I loved the movie and what ever was shown in it. I have never seen this kind of a film, which shows every thing about the Singh Culture. I would like to have a VHS copy of it."
Mr. Kamal Preet Dutt, Martin Grove Road, Etobicoke, Ont. M9V 3TI 
"I do not have the words to compliment this movie."
S. Kiranpal Singh Mann, Cinrickbar Dr. Etobicoke, Toronto, Canada.

Sangat watching Khalsa film
Sangat watching Khalsa film

Gurudwara in Surrey
Gurudwara Sahib in Surrey, B.C.

  "A must see, for all. Very Educative, Informative, Superb Filming and Deeply Touching Shabads. It should be included in the religious Curriculum in schools."
S. Arvinder Singh Bhachu, Queen Elizabeths Drive, New Addington, Croydon CRO-OHF. Surrey U.K. 
"I have learnt a lot from this movie. It is very well made and the sound is incredible."
S. Inderjit Singh, Mountain ash. Brampton, Ont. L6R 1H8 Canada. 
"I felt Ecstatic, It is a brilliant and beautiful presentation. It has not only revived the Sikh in us but also connected us with our history. Thank you so much for making this happen. We are proud to be a Sikh and will be forever."
Bibi Jasleen Kaur, 75th Street, Rear Apt. Ozone Park, New York-11417 U.S.A. 

Sangat watching Khalsa film
Sangat watching Khalsa film

"Excellent Presentation of Sikhism and Sikh history. The film Khalsa is a unique film and no other Actor/Producer/Director from Indian film industry has ever made this type of historical film."
S. Balbir Singh, 265th Street, Floral Park, New York-11004. U.S.A. 
"No body can evaluate your hard labor. After leaving every thing of yours behind, you have been putting your own money and time in to this historical mission. Our community cannot value your devotion and dedication by helping you because we are busy in constructing Gurudwaras and projecting our own selves. My entire family is indebted to you."
S. Sardul Singh Bagga, 116 Street, Richmond Hill, New York-11491 U.S.A. 

Sangat watching Khalsa film
Sangat watching Khalsa film

"This film Khalsa is a priceless gift to the Khalsa on the 300th birth of the Khalsa Panth"………."You have done some thing that our religious and political organizations could not do."………. "During this film all the ladies sitting around us were crying including ourselves."
Bibi Surinder Kaur, V.P.O. Rihana Jotan, Teh. Nakodar, Ditt. Jallandhar, Pb.
"This film gave goose pimples to every one"
Mr. Bhupinder Singh, V.P.O. Khaspura, Bijnaur. U.P.

"After seeing this film one gets all that, which can not be found in the history of the entire world"
S.Inderjit Singh, V.P.O. Bajuha Khurd, Teh. Nakoder, Ditt. Jallandhar, Punjab.

"It is a magnificent piece of work"
S.Kanwaljit Singh, 482, phase-11, S.A.S. Nagar, Mohali, Chd. Punjab.

"After seeing this film even a non sikh will feel indebted to Guru Gobind Singh Ji for his great sacrifices"
S. Sarabjit Singh, V. P.O. Bajuha Khurd, Teh. Nakodar, Punjab.