Future Plans


With the blessings of Guru Sahibaan after the completion of Gurbani De Kautak Part-2 & Toshakhana Sri Darbar Sahib now editing work of Gurbani De Kautak Part-3, A Western Tribute To Sikhism & Sunehan is going on. Besides that preparations for the film “Shahadat” & other historical films is also in the process. Plans to construct an Old Age Home, A Sat Sang Bhawan & Gaushala in Nighasan, Uttar Pradesh are being finalized. 

Previous Future Plans:-

1.   With the blessings of Guru Sahibaan & support of the enlightened promoters of Sikh Films, we have Plans, to screen our 5th Docu-Drama film "SARVNAASH" against the drug abuse, in most of  the colleges, schools & villages of  Punjab from the month of September 2007 onwards. This  film will inspire the youth in a very practical way, to keep away from drugs and devote themselves to the Almighty for achieving every type of happiness, peace, prosperity and divine blessings.

2.   The Audio CDs of  Dookh Nivark Shabads of our 6th Film "SARB ROG KA AUKHAD NAAM" will be made available for the needful by the end of September 2007. These Holy Shabads have been tested by thousands of people, all over the world, who had incurable diseases and got cured by listening to the same Shabads with concentration and faith. One can visit www.gurunanakhealing.com to know more about some of the blessed patients, who have completely devoted themselves to Gurbani & Waheguru after their recovery. 

3.   The efforts are on to make the CDs, VCDs & DVDs  of  all our devotional films available as soon as possible though the one and only Sikh Films Mobile Video Library in the entire world, which will tour all over the country to distribute the Divine Medicine of His Naam with the help of today's most powerful tool of communication "the electronic Media". The brief Audio-Video previews of most of our films are also going to be made available soon on this website itself to give a basic idea to the visitors.

4.   With the blessings of Waheguru, our 6th Film SARB ROG KA AUKHAD NAAM should be ready by December 2007 and we have plans to screen it all over the world to make maximum people realize about the Divine Powers of Gurbani of Sri Guru Granth Sahib on the basis of hard facts and solid scientific proofs, so that maximum number of people all over the world should be able to learn the divine secret of curing all kinds of incurable diseases just by listening & chanting Gurbani with full faith & concentration.

5.   "SAAKA-SARHIND" has been delayed temporarily for various unavoidable reasons but it will be made soon as per the blessings of the Guru Sahibaan. The work on various other subjects is on, which includes A Western Tribute to Sikhism, Sunehan, Sikhi Mahaan and many others. We need the blessings of the Guru Sahibaan & Support of our kind Sikh Sangat  & enlightened Promoters of Sikh Films to continue with this selfless SEVA. Any genuine person wishing to join us in this SEVA can contact us at sikhfilms@gmail.com or namhealer@gmail.com        

 Previous Future Plans:-

1.   New Film Projects:- After the screening of ? Prakash Sri Guru Granth Sahib? all over U.K. the shooting of our next historical film ? Saaka-Sarhind ? will start from the month of October 2006. Saaka-Sarhind is being readied for 2006 December release, to pay a humble tribute to the great martyrdom of the Sahibzadas. Saaka-Sarhind will be a historical film and the total duration of this film should be around two hours approximately. This will be our fifth film based on our great Sikh history. The shooting of " Sarv Rog Ka Aukhad Naam" ?A Western Tribute to Sikhism? and ? Toshakhana Sri Darbar Sahib? is already over and these three films should be ready by August 2006. The script writing work of a powerful film about the relationship of a sikh with his Turban is being done, which is inspired from our latest documentary film about the same subject ?The Inseparables- a sikh & his Turban? . Another film "Sarvnaash" about the drug abuse in Punjab is also being readied to be screened all over Punjab as soon as possible.

2.   Greatness of Sikhism:- The writing work on the script of our next historical Docu-Drama film ?Greatness of Sikhism? is going on in Mumbai. This film will make every Sikh feel proud of being a Sikh. The non-Sikhs are bound to show more respect for the Sikhs after seeing our film ?Greatness of Sikhism?. We are hoping to complete this film by the end of 2006. After its completion the special screenings of the same are going to be organized all over the world the way we had screened our films ? Khalsa ?. During the screenings of ?Greatness of Sikhism? the DVDs of ?A day at the Golden Temple ? ? Prakash Sri Guru Granth Sahib? ?The Inseparables? and ? Toshakhana Sri Darbar Sahib? will be made available for the viewers. They will also be made available on the Internet.

3.   More Films:- After the special screenings of ?Greatness of Sikhism? all over the world we are planning to make couple of more historical Docu - drama and documentary films on the Sikh history. The research work is going on and as soon as we have finalized the scripts the names of all the subjects are going to be announced at this site. These film subjects are not being announced purposely to avoid duplication and piracy. We have already prepared 4-5 more such unique subjects to make historical films on Sikh history, which will be extremely enlightening and engrossing for all the viewers all over the world. We are also planning to make a couple of powerful feature films in Hindi & Punjabi later on and most of the scripts of those films are ready with us. We have put a couple of our commercial film projects on hold, for the time being, to continue with this service of historical film making.

We would like to make a humble submission that ours is the only company from the entire Bombay film industry, who has been blessed by Waheguru for this kind of Seva of putting our entire religious history on the screen for our coming generations and the whole world to see. No big filmmaker was touching our history due to the contradictions in our history, the risk of losses and fear of controversies. The other fact is that our religious history cannot be fictionalized for its commercialization, like the usual commercial cinema and that is why it did not interest any other big filmmaker. We have put aside our commercial film profession for the last couple of years and till date we have been concentrating only on our historical projects, so that in some way or the other our great history should be preserved in the film/electronic medium, which is the most powerful way of communication in modern times. We are hopeful that the almighty Waheguru will keep us blessed and our entire Sikh community will keep on supporting us to continue this historical mission of ours. To know more about us and our future plans on a regular basis kindly e-mail us at namhealer@gmail.com