Why you should obtain this DVD?

We would like to request you, to spare a few moments and go through the following observations and realization of ours, before totally dropping the idea of buying our sikh films DVDs/CDs.

A father of a Catholic Church wrote about the Sikhs after reading the entire Sikh history that, "All the Sikhs will go to hell, for not projecting their blood soaked unparallel unique history, in front of the entire world". He further wrote, "We had just one Jesus Christ and we have spread Christianity all over the world, but the Sikh history is full of great martyrs and yet hardly any body knows about it." It is ironical, sad, tragic, unforgivable and shameful for all of us!!!  This particular realization shook me up so badly, that I put aside my film acting carrier of about 20 years and started this Seva of making a couple of films about the actual Sikh history, since 1996 to generate awareness about the same. If we wanted to do business or earn big profits besides acquiring name, fame and evry thing else, then the commercial film industry of Mumbai was fine, but we started this Seva after putting all that aside, because no other professional person was doing it for our Qaum.

We expect that every Sikh should at least buy one DVD of our films, as his/her contribution towards the projection of our unique religious history. The money paid by you for this DVD will be considered as your contribution towards the making of various historical films mentioned below, to project our glorious past in front of the entire world, in the right perspective. So, kindly do not take it as a price tag of the DVD, or compare it with the usual commercial films, because none of us can pay the price of our blood soaked history of unique martyrs, who selflessly laid down their lives to provide us, our present existence and to protect the self respect of humanity. This DVD can be a unique gift item for your children, relatives, friends and colleagues, if you wish to connect them, with their roots or feel like educating some one (non Sikh) about our glorious past and unparallel religious history. We would also like to share this fact with you that the price of our DVD has been kept at $21/- because it includes the additional expenses of postage, payment gateway, packaging, handling, customs & taxes, which amounts to $6/- per DVD approximately, and if you divide the balance $15/- in to three languages, then it comes to just $ 5/- per language, which will be your contribution, to recover the cost of $1,65,000/- incurred on the making of this film and it's DVDs, so that we could make some more such films after recovering the actual expenses.

As most of us know that today we the Sikhs and Hindus exist due to the great sacrifices of the Guru Sahiban and great Sikh martyrs! But what did we do for them? They created history with their flesh and blood, but we could not even properly preserve or rightly project it, in front of the world. Who is responsible for it? Our religious or political leaders? May be, but let us not get in to the same age-old argument. The question is, are we willing to do some thing about it on our own or we will just keep discussing, arguing and blaming each other, for our own misdeeds and incapability? They sacrificed every thing of theirs selflessly for us, to give us our present existence and it is high time, that we do some thing in return. The ironical fact is, that today, we do not have to sacrifice every thing of ours for them, the way they did for us, all we need to do is, contribute a little bit financially, to bring out our untold unique history, in front of the whole world, to get our martyrs, the respect and honor they deserve. At least, we can pay them a humble tribute by projecting their unmatchable sacrifices, through the medium of cinema, in front of the entire world.

If our martyrs would have surrendered in front of the tyrant rulers to save their own lives, by being selfish and self centered like most of us, then we would not have existed today. Let us not forget the fact, that we owe our existence to them. If a Sikh cannot even buy a DVD of the only such film ever made about his own religious history, then what else one can expect from him. Our only expectation from every Sikh is, that at least he/she should buy one DVD of our film, as his/her contribution to support this common cause of our entire Qaum. Here is a chance to pay a humble tribute to our Guru Sahibaan, great Sikh martyrs and our unique heritage, just by buying one or a couple of DVDs of Sikh Films, as your contribution, to support our historical mission.

Our film production house 'Mangal Dhillon Film & Music Corporation', has started making 5-6 other historical films based on the actual Sikh history and religion on a regular basis. we are making a couple of more films, like "An American Tribute to Sikhism" "Toshakhana Sri Darbar Sahib" "Saaka-Sarhind" and "Sikhi Mahaan". All these films are being made by Mangal Singh Dhillon, a film actor, writer, producer and director from Mumbai, whose professional and personal details are available on his official website www.mangaldhillon.in. Kindly visit the current schedule and future plans on this very site, if you wish to know more about our current and future projects.

We have plans to make films on nearly every aspect of Sikh religious history in the coming years, with the contributions and support from individuals like you, on a regular basis, because Sikh history can not be fictionalized or commercialized for generating big profits like usual commercial films. If you believe in what ever we have mentioned above, then kindly buy one or as many DVDs you can, to support the above-mentioned historical mission of ours and we assure you, that we can project the entire Sikh history through films and television, if every Sikh buys at least one DVD of every historical film made by us. On one side, it is just a question of buying one or a couple of DVDs, and on the other side, the result will be the picturization of the entire Sikh history in the due course of time. Now, the choice and decision is entirely yours, to buy the DVD or not. May Waheguru bless you in both the situations? We will be happy to get your response at sikhfilm@gmail.com