About the Site

The site is completely devoted to the cause of projecting Sikhism in the right perspective. The main purpose of sikhfilms.com is to keep all the Sikhs, Punjabi and the entire world informed about all the film projects based on the Sikh religion, history and society by our film company Mangal Dhillon & Company. Besides providing information about the above-mentioned projects, the other purpose of this site is to project the unique, unusual, unparallel and amazing aspects of Sikh religion, history and community in the right perspective in front of the entire world, which is the urgent need of the hour, because Sikhism has never got the appropriate projection by the electronic media. The actual purpose of projecting the above-mentioned aspects of Sikhism by this site is to make every one realize the honor and respect Sikhs deserve right from the very beginning of their faith and all Sikhs must feel proud of being a Sikh. In brief this is a humble effort to pay a tribute to the Sikh Guru Sahibaan and all those great Sikh martyrs, who selflessly laid down their lives for the principals of Sikhism and to protect the self respect of humanity. From this site one can buy or book a copy of the exclusive DVD, VCD or CD of the Sikh historical films, which have already been completed by our company. One can also find a list of names of some of our sensitive, farsighted and responsible Sikh supporters, who have great respect for the Sikh religion and history and are genuinely concerned about the future of the Sikh Qaum (race). The distant goal of this site is to connect the Sikh youth to their glorious past and roots. One can also find out from this site about our Current schedule of special shows and future projects. We can assure you that if you are a Sikh, you will take more pride in being a Sikh after visiting this site and any non-Sikh is bound to be more enlightened about Sikhism and will have additional respect for all Sikhs after having visited sikhfilms.com.

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