“The Inseparables” explores the historical and religious aspects of the unbreakable bond between a Sikh and his Turban. This film aims to enlighten even the most ignorant, about the logical and fundamental reasons and historical facts, which make the Sikh and his Turban inseparable. It explains the centuries old bond between a Sikh and his turban which has become an integral part of his existence through out the centuries. “The Inseparables” empathizes that the Turban is not a mere decorative head gear for the Sikhs but it is an inseparable part of their identity, which has originated from the uniqueness of their religious faith and complete devotion to the unparallel principals of Sikhism. This film underlines that banning the Turban of a Sikh is like taking his unique identity and honor away from him and cutting all his ties from his religious and historical roots. The Turban is more precious to a Sikh, than his head and that is why, uncountable devout Sikhs through out their history, preferred to be scalped alive, than to be without their long hair (Kesh) and Turban. It empathizes that how can any one even think of trying to take away that very identity of an individual, community or a race, which is the basis of its existence and especially when unimaginable sacrifices have been made by its uncountable martyrs in the past to protect it. This 50 minute documentary film is in Punjabi & English with subtitles in French.  
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